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QRay Bracelets: Optimal Wellness for an Optimal Life

In a world full of prescription medications, crazy new diet fads, and restrictive or unpleasant wellness practices intended to promote longevity or overall well being, it is nice to know that sometimes, all you might need to help maintain your optimal wellness is a QRay bracelet. There is a reason why over 1 million QRay bracelets have been soldalready, and their popularity continues to increase year after year. Many of our customers firmly believe that their well-being has improved as a result of wearing a QRay bracelet.

Bio Energy and Meridians

Bio energy is thought to flow through your body through very specific channels-14 of them, to be exact. These channels are called meridians; within them, there are roughly 360 acupuncture points. These points are thought of as gateways to help access your Qi. As it relates to the QRay bracelet, your LI and LU meridians run through the upper part of your right wrist, and your heart meridian runs through the lower part of your left wrist. This is why you wear the bracelet on your right wrist facing up, or on your left wrist facing down-with the goal of tapping into these specific meridian points. With your QRay bracelet, you can help restore a balance to your Qi, which in turn may help restore your well-being.

Order From The Official QRay Website

QRay stands behind its product with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. If you try a QRay product from this Official QRay Website but do not receive relief or notice an important benefit within 30 days of receipt, you can return it for a refund (minus shipping and handling).

Try a QRay Bracelet

Our customers have reported amazing success stories-what have you got to lose by trying one for yourself? The bracelet cannot harm you in any way, but the benefits to wearing one can be endless. To learn more, please call us at 1-866-544-1825, or send us an email.

About Traditional Chinese Medicine

QRay bracelets are designed following Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories. TCM has been utilized by millions of people for thousands of years. While the practice originated in Asia, it has become massively popular in the past few decades throughout much of the western world and beyond. Broadly speaking, TCM includes a variety of different techniques and practices, including:

      •   Acupuncture
      •   Herbal medicine
      •   Therapeutic massage
      •   Dietary therapy
      •   Exercise, including yoga and tai chi

The primary principle of TCM involves maintaining balance and harmony within your body. Two opposite, yet complementary internal powers="yin" and "yang"-when put together, comprise what is called "bio energy"-are thought to work together to create this harmony. When everything performs as it should and your body is in optimal wellness, this is referred to as a state of "Qi". When there is not enough, or too much, of either yin or yang, it is believed that this disharmony can create physical, mental, or spiritual discord within your body, which can potentially lead to disease.