The reviews that are submitted contain experiences from QRay users.
Individual results may vary.

--james byrd, Toledo, US

have used for over 20 years last three were deluxe braided and the end pieces fell off so I will try this model instead.
--John Niles, Waldport , US

Been using for years
--Linda Wills-Washngton, Compton, US

Thank you
--Dan Cordova, Kirtland, US

Love Q Ray products. Have bought several bracelets for myself and friends.
--Barbara McNeely, Powell, US

This is not my 1st QRay, probably my 4th or 5th. I think it has helped me quite a bit.
--Emmette Williams, Manning, US


Per question below - I have used Q-Ray products for years now.
--KIMBERLY AMES, Fayetteville, US

existing customer
--Robert Hoover, Hemet, US

I wore Q Ray for years until I lost it. I'm now replacing it and I'm looking forward to receiving my new one.
--Sharon Lindsay , Little Britain , CA

been using them for years...wished they lasted longer..lol
--Gary Wade, Angleton, US

Current Owner
--Scott Finley, Owego, US

This is my fourth one, I keep giving them away to friends in pain! It works soooo well!
--Kristin Firrell, Woodland hills, US

Long time user & believer!
--Jody Kupferberg , Valparaiso , US

Have had one for years. Time for a new one.
--David Kolker, Rock Hill, US

I have depended on a Qray bracelet for about 15 years. They really work for me.
--Linda Green, Rockwell City, US

Worn one for many years Back hurting again Wanted to get a new one to see if back stops hurting
--Diane White, Cove City, US

this is my second Q ray ordered
--Linda Lang, Hamilton, CA

My family's (4)been using q-Ray for over 15 years.They really make life a little easier.I recommended to 2 of my friends & they luv them also. Bucko
--Gary Cognat, Lindenhurst, US

No signature required
--PAT DAM, Wyoming, CA

I've been a customer since 2004 - drastically improved back and joint pain - improved mobility and flexibility.
--Dennis Flemming, Riverview, US

I've been wearing Q-ray bracelets for many years.
--Carol Samples, Lawrenceburg, US

I have owned and worn Q-Ray for over 10 years! It works for me...
--Dorinda Singleton, Brockville, CA

Worn them for years. They work!
--daniel coll, Longs, US

Been wearing Q-Ray like forever,,,
--Delbert Rhue II, Newport, US

My friend said it will make her a better hockey player. Can't wait to see the result!!
--Soo-hyun Oh, Seol , Korea, Republic of (South)

Wearing q-ray for 15 years
--William Kush, West Wyoming, US

Customer for many years. Current one im wearing is worn.
--Richard Armstrong, Tampa, US

this is my 7th or 8th Q-Ray
--Dan May, Oro Valley, US

I had a q ray bracelet I worn it for years
--Robin chandler, Felton, US

Love Qray!! Been using it for two years myself and it's amazing. My Father had it for 10 years and it was also amazing!! Worth every penny!!!!
--Sierra Marx, Mazomanie, United States


My husband has worn them for years
--Catherine Kiervin, Minto, CA

I have one in silver and never take it off love it.
--Simone Panttila, Qualicum Beach, CA

I love my Q-Ray. Would not go without it. Have been wearing mine for well over 15 years and it has helped with my arthritis pain.
--Judy Clarke, Dartmouth, CA

Have been using for years !
--Steve Perry, Oak Harbor, US

Great price. Very anxious to receive the product.
--Darayus Divecha, Brampton,, CA

REGULAR Christmas order & introducing another family member to Q-Ray this year.

Has had one about 8 year since
--Mary Crawford , Chattanooga , US

Long time customer
--Cyndie Knopik, Little Falls, US

Already have one bracelet love the product need a new one
--Catherine Helms, Winter Park, US

I've worn mine for the past five years love it
--Erik Piermattei, Brentwood, US

Have previously owned others
--Judith Perry, Buffalo, US

Been using your product for several years & I love it. Thanks.
--John Viers, Portsmouth, US

This is a Christmas gift for my husband. This will be his 3rd or 4th Qray. It really helps control his pain. Thank you! Hopefully by having it xpress post it will be here before Christmas??

I had one of these bracelets years ago and just came across info to send for a new one. Can't wait for it to get here.

My husband and I each have one but Mine is several years old and not looking to great. I didn't know how long they lasted.
--Barbara Hanny, Omaha, US

My husband has worn QRay for years. It is a great product.

My husband and son have been wearing them for years and would not be without one.
--Bev Alesch, Marcus, US

hope this works for me. I have vertigo and lose my balance
--Mary Poole, Meridian, US

Needed new ones
--Janice Dodge, Lion's Head, CA

We have been wearing QRay bracelets for at least 15 years. Wouldn't be without one!
--Anna Vagnino, Flagstaff, US

other is because I get announcements in mail have purchased before.
--Robert Bennett, Squaw Valley, US

Had before.
--Morris Renaud, Fresno, US

This will be my fourth one
--Thomas Daggy, Mount Solon, US

My husband and family have been wearing QRay bracelets for 8+ years.
--Kimberly Martin, Jupiter, US

Thanks - been a devoted user for years...time for a new one
--diane wilson, NIAGARA FALLS, CA

Sushi bar (Japanese restaurant)
--Eunsim Lee, Toronto, CA

I am a proud owner of a QRay bracelet and this order is a gift for my wife. Will the bracelet come in a boxe ?
--Gerard Dumouchel, Gatineau, CA

I have had several q-rays and they work.
--pamela bennett, Bailey, US

--Terri Edenburn, Montrose, US

This is my husband's second bracelet. He really liked it and believes it helps relieve his knee pain.
--dorothy lindau, Cottage Grove, US

Had one before
--joyce hauner, Gainesville, US

My sister let me try hers and within minutes my shoulder pain stopped.
--Monica Bleeker, Haskell, US

love your product
--kurt murphy, Feeding Hills, US

My last purchase was last year =D

I have been using them for about 12 + years and they do help with my arthritis.
--Richard Critchison, North Saanich, CA

Believe it or not I have been wearing the same one since 2004. I think it is time for a new one.
--Ron Pollack, Highland Hts, US

--NORMA Brink, Kingsville, US

Looking forward to trying it!!!!
--Terry Ann Gorman, Medway, US

Repeat customer
--kris shireman, Pearland, US

My husband has been wearing the Q Ray bracelet for many years and swears by it's effectiveness. Without it he suffers from neck and shoulder pain. With it the pain is gone!
--Sandra Johnson, Boylston, US

I have had a QRay for years...and recently lost it
--Rod Kreimeyer, Somerville, US

Have previously purchased Q-Ray's as gifts
--Neil Strandberg, Freeport, US

Past customer!
--malinda brown, phoenix, US

This is for my wife, Betty, she and I both had Q-Rays previously
--Thomas Davis, Wooster, US

I've been wearing Q-Ray products for 16 years
--Daniel Diaz, Havre de Grace, US

This is for my husband. It is his third one.
--Kathleen Reposa, Billerica, US

We bought two Q-Ray bracelets years ago and I just thought it was time to get my husband a new one. We swear by them!!
--Warren Smart, Brookville, US

Previous customer. On my 3rd Q-Ray now, this will be my 4th. Been wearing a Q-Ray for 15 years. Never take it off.
--Mark Rubino, Roscoe, US

Continued customer!
--Malinda Brown, Phoenix, US

This is my 4th one
--Russell Giammarco, West Yarmouth, US

These bracelets have changed my life. They have reduced my pain at least 4 points. Thank you!
--Kathy Mueller, Abingdon, US

i am a regular customer
--Eugene Dubois, Lavaltrie, CA

No signature reguired, please just leave at door I have bought 3 q rays before
--Nancy Bunse, Anaheim, US

This is to replace the bracelet I am returning. This one is more feminine then the gunmetal one I previously ordered.


This will be my second Q Ray, I feel pretty good normally, until I take off my Q Ray for a few days. Then because I am in more pain I realize just how well my Q Ray does work.

Please rush - lost ours!
--Chris Norton, Oliver, CA

I have been wearing my silver delux qray daily since 2005 I am getting a gold one for occasional variety now.
--matthew kell, el paso, US

I am wearing two now and find them works perfect.when I take them off I can fell the differance
--Anthony Morris, St. Albans, CA

This will be my 4th one, I lost my last one about 6 months ago & I am really starting to feel my back pain again!! So I thought it was tie to order a new one...
--Kathy Madsen, Bakersfield, US


I have bought twice before from QRay
--Jane LaFleche, Danielson, US

I love my Q-ray!
--Amanda Crane, Bell Island, CA

Hi My husband has been wearing Qray for 15 years. Its time for me to try it.
--Terri-leaFlynn Flynn, Enfield, CA

I've only had the Q Ray on for a day, and already feel better.
--Randy Nielsen, Richmond Hill, Canada

I lost the one I had so need a new one.
--Sharon McGloin, Kansas City, US

My 3rd one
--Ray Thorsen, Rolling Meadows, US

Have been wearing them for many years.

I've had several QRay bracelets!
--Roger Mills, Jersey Village, US

i have worn a qray for about 15 years. its just time to replace this one.
--ron beaupre, whitby, CA

I have been buying Q-Ray for myself, family and friends since 2000. 16 years. What it did for my knees was a miracle. I buy a new one every year. Thank you.
--David Nicoll, Las Vegas, US

been a Q-Ray customer for 20 years
--John Fleming, Wexford, US

I had a Qray bracelet for eight years and lost it camping in B.C. this summer. Within a week of loosing it my hips started to give me trouble again. I need to replace it as soon as possible.
--Garth Gotto, North Battleford, CA

Hurry up Lol. 2nd one
--Roque Gonzalez, South otselic, US

Time to get back. Have been wearing Qray for 20 years, But switched to Trionz. Mistake.
--Michael Keaveney, Greensboro, US

This is my third q ray, and It works for me.
--James Mc Manus, Hickory, US

Been wearing one for years. Don't like the twisted ones.
--Arlene Christofora, Woodstock, US

I've worn them for years
--Dennis Huelsbeck, Palmetto, US

Buying from QRAY so long I do not remember how I heard about QRAY.
--Linda Cieska, Allegan, US

i had a bracelet and lost it but loved wearing it and had many many compliments
--Gerald Dawson, joliet, US

This will be my 4th Q-Ray. My back has been hurting recently, so it's time for another. These are a life saver!
--Gregory Haag, Milwaukee, US

--LISA COX, Madison,, US


Nice doing business with you. Thanks.

Are you sure this will work? Willing to try it!
--Gregorio Chua, Richmond, CA

wish they would all come in xtra small. Thanks Lynne
--Lynne Logan, diamondhead, US

My Husband has worn one for years and loves it. Only part we are not happy with is the gold plating wearing off.
--Laura Driscoll, Hanover, US

This will be my 3rd bracelet.
--R. Johnson, Prescott, US

I got 1 this past year for the arthritis pain at the ends of my fingers...guess what-it works...now my sister has shoulder pain bad so gonna get 1 for her
--Steve Dick, Woodlyn, US

I have had one for many years but no longer is helping so I want a new one
--shelby Scheit, Racine, US

I used to have one and I lost it. I loved wearing it!
--David Rosenwaks, Brooklyn, US

purchased previously
--Layne McLennan, East Hampton, US

husband been wearing for years and swears by them.
--Sharon Krueger, Detroit Lakes, US

Past customer
--Malinda Brown, Phoenix, US

I have owned Q ray bracelets for a # of years and am currently wearing my 2nd bracelet. My wife previously owned a Q ray bracelet and this order will be her replacement.
--Billy Henderson, Brandon, US

I have one now which I enjoy
--Frank Lazenbury, MISSISSAUGA, CA

I had one before and lost it.
--Robert Banks, Chicago, US

--GARRY RODDICK, *, Canada

I have been buying since 1998
--Richard Quel, Pittsburgh, US

I just ordered what must be my 8th or 9th QRay bracelet. I disabling back pain from a back injury many years ago. If my back goes out, it's because my QRay needs replacing. It gave me my life back, and I cannot imagine life without it. I would have to file for disability. I also have fibromyalgia, and I know when my symptoms start getting worse it's QRay re-order time.
--Sieglinde Proctor, SAINT PETERSBURG, United States

my current q ray bracelet is very worn out!

I love the product. I have been wearing a bracelet for years. I heard a TV ad while I was on vacation and placed an order when I arrived home. My back pain stopped when I started wearing the bracelet and returned when I took it off because I was scheduled for surgery. I could have used a quicker shipping method but the shipping time for the $14.95 was not clear.
--Sharon Fox, Winston Salem, US

I have been using them for over 10 years
--Suzanne Maggio, Bay Village, US

I have been wearing a Q-Ray bracelet for a number of years. I'm hoping a new one will bring renewed benefits.
--Wendy Koehler, Westfield, US

I have used Qray for years and I would not go without it. I am presently buying one for a friend who is suffering from plantars fashitis.
--Lita Kruger, Carroll, US

I have a Combo Deluxe Bracelet and am very happy with it so I thought I would try the sunglasses.
--William Hall, Surrey, CA

I have been a long time customer this is my forth bracelet
--Kenneth Joslyn, Shrewsbury, US

used them before
--Brian Lloyd, Miramichi, CA

Have worn a Qray for over 15yrs and truly believe it works for me. thank you
--Thomas Conway, Ormond Beach, US

I have been wearing qray for 20 years. When I got my first bracelet I put it on telling my husband there was no way it would help me, well I had to eat crow! I can't live without qray!
--Connie Watson, Akron, US

I`m hoping that replacing my qray, which I have had 18 months. I have not had a migraine in 18 months and am hoping a new qray will relieve the symptoms. I thought the qray would last longer.
--Crystal O'Connor, Gowanda, US

Thank you
--KEVIN RICHTER, Windermere, US

I have been a customer for years and have received offers in the mail. Just wondering if there are any promotions/discounts or free shipping on my order. Thank you.
--Debra Wagner, Orefield , US

This is my second bracelet of this style and probably 5th bracelet I've purchased from you. I love your product! I just wish they could keep their shine a bit longer. I had one with the black stones but one of those fell out. I was very sad!
--Sharon Brandewie, Springfield, US

I think this is probably my 10th bracelet order. Can't live without one
--Joseph Cambarare, Cleveland, US

I bought one for my husband and within the 1st 24 hrs. he noticed a difference.
--Angela Collins, Gravenhurst, CA

Husband has had one for over 15 years. Time for new one
--Joy Adams, Vidor, US

I've owned these for years
--Maria Thompson, Blaine, US

this will be my 3rd Q-Ray. I am sold on them.
--Eric Tattersall, Sudbury, CA

Been customer since 2001! What a difference a bracelet makes!! Getting one for a friend who desperately needs one!! Thank you!
--Annie Brock, Soldotna, US

I have been wearing one for years.
--Russell Longmire, Houston, US

I have been wearing Q-ray for about 15 years. Tried to go without. Pain came back quickly. Love this bracelet. Have referred several who also wear it religiously.
--Linda Roberts, Randolph, US

have been using for 10 years
--Gregory Mooso, Destin, US

I have been a customer for over 20 years
--B J Hempenius, Crown Point, US

Already own one this is a replacement.
--Tammy Niette, Paradise, US

This is our 5th Q-ray over the years!
--Brenda Jenings, Swastika, CA

I lost my original q ray and am lost without it thus the order to replace.
--Richard Dixon, London, CA

Buying this for a friend with back pain.
--Stacy Tallent, Gaylesville , US

love these braclets, have been using them for over 10yrs.

This will be my 4th one
--Robert Levasseur, Brewer, US

I have been ordering this for my dad for many years now.
--Alec Rubinstein, Marina Del Rey, US


Repeat repeat customer for years
--Raymond Haebler, Hasbrouck Heights, US

We have ordered form you for years.
--Ted Warren, Wooster, US

Have been wearing one for years. Introduced to the product at National Association of Chain Drug Stores in San Diego.
--William Ozburn, Watkinsville, US

This is a Christmas present for my mother. She wants it very badly. Thank you.
--Maryam Noorzai, Vancouver, CA

Long time repeat customer.
--Mark Noble, St Thomas, US

We have ordered from you for years. We will continue to order.
--Ted Warren, Wooster, US

Been a very satisfied long, long time customer and appreciate the discounts! Always have one to spare or share with someone else.
--Tim McGhan, Big Lake, US

PGA show Atlanta 1999 first time q ray purchase

I already have one
--Fred Ftrybus, Snyder, US

Had one for about 7 years and love it. Now I want to get one for my new wife for Christmas.
--Manfred Wagner, Harrison Hot Springs, CA

I have one
--Juan Santiago, Marengo, US


We have been repeat customers for years.
--Ted Warren, Wooster, US

Ordering for father in law.
--Krystle Morrow, Cambridge, CA

We have ordered before.
--Frankie Gunter, Antioch, US

wear one It works in helping no dizzieness!
--mICHAEL Croan, Bethpage, US

I don't remember what year it was when I first stumbled onto the infomercial for QRay, but it's been more than 16 years, I'm sure. It is a god-send for my back, and I'm way past due for a new one, my fourth! Thank you, QRay, for an awesome product!
--Sharon Hendricks, Columbus, US

I have had a bracelet for over 5 years now. I wear them out around every two years. I KNOW when they stop working. My late husband got me my first and I was skeptical with all of the hardware in my foot and legs. He swore by them and he was right. Thank you for an awesome product. These are for my Mom and my daughter for Christmas.
--Tammy Adamson, Geary, US

Been wearing Q-ray for over 10 yrs, love them,
--Jeri Hollandsworth, Gulf Breeze, US

Have been customer for 10 yrs. plus. Receive your advertising card by mail.
--Bonnie Walker, Snook, US

Have had mine for 14 years and wanted another one!! 😊
--Darryl McCord, greensburg, US

I had one before and my brother loved it! Almost didn't get mine back. :)
--LeighAnn Redding, Sparks, US

Proud to say, my wife and I have had similar bracelets, for quite A few years ? . It's now time to replace them.E.O'C.
--Edward O'Connor, Burlington, CA

I do not know how they work , but they get rid of the pain.
--Linda Leavitt, Emporium, US

Have used for many years. They really help
--Susan Hooper, Lexington, US


I have used them for 20 years and I swear by them. ..never without it on ..thank you
--Carlene. Price, West Valley, US

I have a small wrist. I am 57 years old. I am choosing a small size. I pray it benefits me from feeling sick and reducing pain and anxiety and provides lots of energy!
--Angela Kostelnik, Mount Ida, US

I have ms and have trouble with my balance from time to time. have you heard of a qray helping in this regard
--gary fleming, regina, Canada

third one in my time
--Jeffrey Gober, Northampton, US

Have used him for years will not be without one!
--Christina Keeling, Heber city, US

I have been a customer for the past 12 years.
--Bill Webb, Botsford, US

have had one for years
--rosa reiche, mchenry, US

Have used Qray for about ten years.
--Manson Pully, Reston, US

My husband and I have been wearing QRay bracelets since the mid 90's and we love how they make us feel. I know we won't be without one.
--Cecile Veilleux, Waterville, United States

I have been very pleased with all the QRay products I have ordered over the years since 2001.
--Michael Kremm, Ann Arbor, US

Tengo muchos años que uso la pulsera Qray
--Jorge Luis Requena De La Fuente, Tampico, Tamps, MX

Third purchase of a Q-Ray deluxe bracelet
--Frank Shapiro, Millburn, US

We have used these bracelets for years and are still amazed at their powers. Hope it helps my brother!
--Mary Goode, Port Allen , US

Steve and Tamara Davis of Chico introduced me to it while working on my pain management.
--Caitlin Schwerin, Paradise, US

I already own this style -the one I am ordering is for a gift- I love mine.....
--Laura Braiden, Halifax, CA

I have my Qray for a few months now, very surprise how effective it is. My arthritic pain is gone, thinking going back to bodybuilding at 56 year old, thats how good I feel!!!So bravo Qray!!!
--Luc Seguin, L'orignal, Canada

Own one now but need a new one
--Trudy Fellows, Dansville, US

Flyer in mail. Purchasing for dad and grandfather.
--Tyler Chavez, ABQ, US

have had a Qray for 3 years this is my second one
--Robert Supeene, Port Coquitlam, CA

I have had a q ray classic since 2001. I love it.. but the gold is tarnishing now. I am replacing it at this time. Is there any way I could be a discount applied to my new purchase? Thank you
--Donna Bildstein, Stockton, US

This is my 8th Q-Ray
--Cheryl Edmunds, Torrance, US

Best Braclet ever. I've been a Q-ray man for a long time. Big time helps me :-). Smitty- Boston Mass
--Robert Smith, Taunton , United States

I really hope this will help my tinnitus and arthritis
--Bernice Jackson, Hamilton, CA

Hope it works, fits and looks as good as it does in picture ? Also like the price reduction !
--John Colasante, Nepean, CA

Returning customer
--C P Schriber, Mc Neil, US

this is my 7th or 8th Braclet
--Dan May, Oro Valley, US

I have worn q-ray bracelets for +25yrs. Received DAD2015 promo card.

returning customer
--Barbara Walters, Rosemead, US

I have worn a Q_Ray for years .It time to order a new one.
--Betty McPherson, Siler City, US

I have been wearing a Q-Ray bracelet since 2001 - that's 14 1/2 years & I have referred many family & friends, all across the country.
--Rita Gendron, Sedona, US

I don't remember now...I've had one for years.
--Sheryl Baker, Xenia, US

I have been wearing a Q-ray for 20 plus years.
--Jack Franklin, Lake View, US

I have worn my original Qray for 20 years until one of the ends fell off. I cannot live with this and hope this one works just as well as the original one.
--Susan Hedrick, Doylestown, US

Love, love, love my Q Ray!!! Have been wearing them for about 15 years now and won't be a day without mine on.
--Carol Deadman, Sacramento, US

This is my fourth q ray bracelet. I'm satisfied with the beneficial effects. The only problem is that they tarnish.
--Rheal Cormier, Grande-Digue, CA

Returning Customer
--John Reading, Geneva, US

I started wearing QRay bracelets since 2000. The arthritis pain I had disappeared within a day after I started wearing one.
--Bruce Adams, Rochester, US

Have been using these products for a few years....not sure how they work, but, they do!
--Dean Schroeder, Calgary, CA

I've been wearing a Q-Ray for 15 years...
--Bruce Adams, Rochester, US

Once was a dealer at AGMNY Inc Love the product
--Peter Richardson, Lake Lure , US

Purchasing for my husband as a gift..can this be returned for a different size if need be?
--Kim Brow, Antigonish County, CA

Purchased my first Q-Ray 2000
--John Satterwhite, Woodbridge, US

Had a basic version years ago...now need to upgrade.
--Margaret Halliwell, Stony Plain, CA

This is my 5th Q Ray! they do work!
--Harold Roberts, Shavertown, US

I had one before, but can't find it.
--Edmund Moyers, Dalton, US

Returning customer.
--Ray Castille, Eunice, US

Long time customer. :)
--Mariko Apperson, Portland, US

This bracelet didn't really work for me. It was too large and I didn't see much progress. But the customer service people were really nice!! :)))
--Hannah Oshanski, New Mexico, United States

I've been wearing one since 1995 or 96.
--John Rich, Fairbury, US

Just bought my 2nd QRay today. With my 1st (received 5 yrs ago) within 1/2 hour of wearing it my achy right thumb was feeling like new..pain has never returned :) !! But the QRay has sadly lost it's mojo....so hoping #2 gives me the same results on a 1 yr old jambed/locking left finger!
--Lisa McBride, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

This is my fourth one. Worked for bursitis in golf elbow.
--Carolyn Dunlap, Austin, US

Have worn QRay for years
--John Daniels, Orange, US

I've been using the Classic bracelet for 15 years! I got it for my mother in law. Glad to get more products for you guys. Thank you!
--Sot Young, Tacoma, US

We have been wearing q-ray for over 10 yrs. Glad you brought this one back because it's the only one we have been using.
--William Kush, West Wyoming, US

Present owner. Use this as a back-up.
--T. James Makovsky, Marana, US

I'm a current qray opener now.
--Dick Hensley, Knoxville, US

Had one of the originals but became allergic to it. Came across it while I was moving so thought I'd try it again - still allergic. Many years ago it absolutely helped me with a back problem. I have recommended it to many people who love it. Hope it helps with some other issues I'm having and getting one for a friend as well!

this will be my 6th bracelet
--reginald fallin, the villages, US

I have been wearing q-ray for 12 years! I can't live without it. Have fibromyalgia and arthritis. Only thing that keeps tennis elbow in check. Seniors in Ft. Lauderdale told me about it while visiting my auntie 2003.
--Deborah Goldberg, Hillsborough, US

Prior owner of Q-ray bracelet.
--Donald Moen, Oceanside, US

Great product - I've been wearing a Qray since 2007
--Susan Garrow, San Diego, US

I think that this is probably the 5th QRay that I have purchased. Each bracelet is amazing! Thanks QRay!

Thank you very much, I could not live without my Q ray
--Biagio Cozza, Surrey, CA

This is one of the best products I have ever ordered. My husband keep telling me to order and I keep telling him that it was a TV commercial and I was sure it would not work. Well I had to eat those words. "IT WORKS" !!!!
--JoAnn Reed, Eunice, United States

I have purchased one 3 years ago.
--Nancy Babor, Syosset, US

--Oliver Garduce, Toronto, CA

i have been wearing qray for the last 20 years
--richard sowa, london, CA

This will be my 5th bracelet in the decade. There should be a frequent buyers deal/discount/gift. #justsayin
--Gerry Confiant, Burnaby, CA

This is the 4th Qray I've purchased.
--Daniel Beckley, Wilmington, US

this is my fourth qray I have purchased for friends , they love them
--danny gilbert, keswick ridge, CA

love this
--Sandi Frisch, Eddyville, US

we have owned them for years and want to replace them
--Stephen Lucarelli, Eat Waterboro, US

my husband has been using his q-ray for over 20 years now .. We think its time for a new one.
--Lorna Eberlein, North Highlands, US

Have had QRays in the past
--Lee Cutler, Antioch, US

Existing customer after 10 years the old doesn't seem to be working. Hopefully the new one will help!
--Vern Amey, Napanee, CA

My grandmother had one for years now and will be 104 in April. Everyone asks what her secret is? Who knows....It could be her bracelet!
--Valerie Lira, San Jose, US

I wore my other one out , geez the first one lasted for 26 years , hope this one lasts like the first one
--steven feistner, payson, US

Using for a number of years! Love them, no shoulder pain!
--Merna Nelson, Mesa, US


My husband has been ordering your bracelets for years and says they really help.
--Margie Rud, Caledonia, US

been wearing them for years...wish they lasted longer
--Gary Wade, Angleton, US

This is my second purchase. I cannot find my receipt for the first one. I thought it was xl but going by your sizing chart I am ordering a large
--Scott Fox, Devon, CA

I have a Q Ray purchased over five years ago feels like it has lost its effect, Ordering a new one so I can experience a relief from my pain.
--Ann Langlois, Tewksbury, US

Had one before, long time ago and I want to try again!
--Patti Master, Wilmington, US

have one for years time for another one
--john rohrbach, mertztown, US

I have worn one of these for years and didn't realize mine was a few years old till I started having aches and pains . I wear it 24 hours a day, never take it off. Decided I needed another one ASAP. Love them
--Katherine Vacha, Port Clinton, US

Have worn one for the last 10 years
--Earline Hershon, Grand Blanc, US

My husband has been wearing a Qray bracket for about 7 years and feels that he needs a new one. This will be his third.
--Linda MacInnis, Porters Lake, CA

I could not locate discount codes for free shipping. I am a returning customer for over 10 years.
--Lori Calderon, Mira Loma, US

Have owned one for at least 20 years & would not be without it!!!
--Ross Roeric, Calgary, CA

wearing for 10 or 12 years I am very pleased

A friend
--Howard Robinson, Port charlotte harbor, US

I really hope that this will help me. I am ordering 1 for now & if it works I will be ordering another one for my other wrist!! here is to hoping!! Thx
--Lynn Durand, Sault Ste. Marie, CA

I have always had qray bracelets and love them.
--Elva Rodriguez, Corpus Christi, US

this a a replacement for a lost bracelet
--Brian Lupton, Hamilton , CA


I'm a previous customer over the years.
--Raymond Haebler, Hasbrouck Heights, US

This is my second Q Ray.
--Dean Schroeder, Calgary, CA

My husband has used q-ray for a VERY long time. He thought I was crazy for ordering it the first time. It didn't take long for him to feel the relief from his q-ray bracelet!


We have ordered from you for years and now all the grown kids want them!
--Ted Warren, Wooster, US

repeat customer
--Susan Smith, Holderness, US

Looking forward to receive purchase.
--Monroe Brown III, Houston, US

This is about 8 q-rqys I have bought for self and family Feelin' GOOD...........................
--Laura Barghoorn, Sutter Creek, US

Have owned many Qrays
--John Fleming, Wexford, US

We have purchased them before
--Linda Tucker, Poway, US

I had one about 10 years ago. Now that it's winter, my elbows and joints are bother me. When I put the bracelet on when I got it, the pain went away completely after just 5 minutes. I need to feel no pain again. Ted
--Ted Daudelin, Murrells Inlet, US

My husband is a total believer in QRAY!
--Barbara Jones, Maryville , US

Purchased in the past
--Cynthia Stearns, Westborough, US

Have bought Q-Ray over the years and I need a new one.
--Jessie Wilson, Noth York, CA

1- small size---- i've been wareing qray for several years so my wife saw this one & said she would like to have it. so there u go

We love the bracelets and the customer service. You have a wonderful company! We have been shopping here for years.
--Ted Warren, Wooster, US

I have ordered before

Replacing one
--Robert Rennick, Venice, US

I've had one before just ordered two new ones last month and getting one for a friend so any discounts would be nice
--Roger Veilleux, Fitchburg, US

I am a long time repeat customer. I do wish you would offer more bracelets in the Extra Small size range.
--Marian Jackson, Jamaica Plain, US

I have ordered and worn Q-ray for several years. It really helps take away the pain in my knees.
--Rick Throckmorton, Anchorage, US

This is my 9th or 10th Qray
--Robert Conte , New Vernon , US

We have gotten these every year for many years. We love them and wear them all the time!
--Ted Warren, Wooster, US

I've had more than 10 of these ,they last between 9 to 13 months or so, Time for another new one
--Robert Cohen, Elkhart, US

Q Ray is the best bracelet! I wear it always!
--Michelle Holyk, Vancouver, CA

have one for 20 years works great
--Bud parnitzky, Spruce Grove, CA

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