Frequently Asked Questions

Can we answer your question today? The following is the Frequently Asked Questions we hear from our Q-Ray wearers.
  • How does a Q-Ray Bracelet work?

  • Q-Ray is about empowerment and choice.  Many people who choose Q-Ray tell us they are also making a conscious effort to improve their lives through better nutrition, more exercise and more activity.  Q-Ray works for them!

  • How do I know which bracelet is for me?

  • All the QRay bracelets are made of metal.  Some are Hypo Allergenic and some are solid precious metal (Sterling Silver).  If you are a person who notices a benefit from wearing a QRay bracelet, any of the QRay styles will benefit you.  They all work the same way and are made in a variety of styles to accomodate each person's lifestyle and sense of fashion.

    You can view images of each of the bracelets' on the Store Page of the website.

  • When wearing a Q-Ray, should the bracelet be tight or loose on my wrist?

  • The Q-Ray Bracelet could be worn tight or loose, depending on the wearer's comfort level, as long as the two ends or terminals of the bracelet are touching the skin.  The two ends or terminals of the bracelet should be between 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch apart.

  • Can I wear a health tracking device on the same wrist as the QRay bracelet?

  • Yes, you can wear a health tracking device on the same wrist as the QRay bracelet as long as the tracking device is in a rubber or plastic casing.

  • Do I wear a Q-Ray on the right wrist or the left wrist?

  • There is a specific way to wear a Q-Ray.  On the right wrist, the two ends or terminals of the bracelet should be positioned on the top of the wrist or in the "up" position.  On the left wrist, the two ends or terminals of the bracelet should be worn on the underside or "down" position.  We recommend that the wearer try the bracelet on the right wrist first and then the left wrist to see the maximum and accurate benefit.  When worn properly, the ends of the bracelet should not come in contact with each other, or with other metal bracelets or a watch. 

  • Can I wear the bracelet all the time?

  • QRay bracelets are designed to be worn 24 hours a day, even while sleeping.

  • How can I find the right size for me?

  • Size charts are shown below.

    It's important to get the correct size so the product will provide adequate benefits.  While the bracelets are designed to provide benefits by sitting on the meridian points, it is important to make sure that the bracelet is not too loose or too tight.  Please refer to the size chart or call our representatives at

  • How long should I wear my Q-Ray before it needs to be replaced?

  • The length of time to wear a Q-Ray Bracelet will vary for different people.  Most people who wear a Q-Ray replace them every 2-3years, although we have seen people receiving a positive benefit for up to 5 years with a Q-Ray. General rule of thumb, we recommend replacing your Q-Ray every 2 years.

  • What is the difference between Q-Ray, Q-Ray Plus, Q2 Wellness and Special Edition bracelets? Is there a difference between the different Q-Ray models?

  • The Q-Ray Bracelets are the classic designs that have been sold for over 15 years.  Q-Ray Plus are Q-Ray Bracelets that also includes 3000 Hi-Gauss Magnets.  Q2 Wellness Bracelets are European designed bracelets made with flexible mesh material (the Pure Titanium Bracelet is the only exception).  Special Edition Bracelets are specialty Q-Ray Bracelets that are usually available for a limited time.  The differences between the different Q-Ray models are cosmetic.  Some models are made with Titanium while others are made with sterling silver or stainless steel.  All of the Q-Ray, Q-Ray Plus, Q2 Wellness and Special Edition bracelets are treated with the same proprietary process.

  • Is it ok for the Q-Ray Bracelet to be exposed to airport x-rays or medical x-rays?

  • There are no problems exposing the Q-Ray Bracelet in the airport x-ray. However, we do recommend taking off the Q-Ray Bracelets during a medical x-ray.

  • Does a Q-Ray Bracelet come in different sizes? And what size do I need?

  • The Q-Ray Bracelet come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. 75% of women typically wear a small size. 75% of men typically wear a medium size. We do offer extra small and extra large in select models. Size small is 6 to 7 inches circumference of your wrist. Size medium is 7 to 7 3/4 inches circumference of your wrist. Size large is above 7 3/4 circumference of your wrist. When ordering from the Official Q-Ray Homepage or the Q-Ray order line and you find that the bracelet size is incorrect, you can send the bracelet back to us for a hassle-free size exchange.

  • Can I shower or sleep while wearing the Q-Ray Bracelet?

  • You can shower or sleep while wearing the Q-Ray Bracelet. We do not recommend wearing a Q-Ray Bracelet while swimming in the ocean or salt water. You may wear a Q-Ray Bracelet while swimming in the swimming pool (chlorine water).

  • How do I know if I have an authentic Q-Ray?

  • To ensure that you are wearing an authentic Q-Ray Bracelet, look for the Q-Ray or Q2 logo stamped at the ends of the bracelet or terminals. The authentic Q-Ray can be purchased through these three channels: ordering on the Official Q-Ray Homepage, calling the Q-Ray order line (1-866-299-7729), or through an Authorized Q-Ray Retailers (click on the Find A Store button above to find a Q-Ray Store near you).

  • What are the Do's and Don't?

  • DO try to wear your Q-Ray all the time - especially while sleeping or exercising.
    DO NOT wear the bracelet if you have an electronic or medical device such as a pacemaker.
    DO NOT wear the Natural Finish bracelet if you are allergic to bare (non-plated) metal.
    DO NOT continue to wear the bracelet if any type of discomfort occurs after the bracelet is worn.
    DO NOT wear while using electric blankets, magnetic products, or tanning beds.
    DO NOT wear any other metals or a watch ON THE SAME WRIST as Q-Ray. Rings may be worn on the same wrist as Q-Ray.
    DO NOT wear the bracelet in salt water as this may affect the plating. You may wear the bracelet during bathing.
    DO NOT allow the ends of the bracelet to come in contact with one another.
    DO NOT wear bracelets near any high voltage areas or areas where there is any strong electrical exposure.

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