The Trusted Name in Wellness Bracelets for over 30 years

QRay Wellness Bracelets are designed to help optimize your natural positive energy through acupoints near your wrist. When optimized, people have more energy and vitality. A better sense of wellness.

QRay Original Standard Golf Bracelet

$79.95 CDN

$69.95 CDN

QRay Silver Deluxe Golf Bracelet

$169.95 CDN

$149.95 CDN

Golfers Know! Over the years, many golfers have relied on the QRay advantage. When the body is at an optimal state and at its best, there is more clarity and a better swing.

With more than 1 million QRay sold and number of satisfied customers continuing to rise year after year, isn’t it time you wore a QRay bracelet to see what QRay can do for your overall wellbeing?

QRay Titanium Golf Bracelet

$399.95 CDN

$369.95 CDN