How To Feng Shui Your Home

Have you ever walked into a space and been overwhelmed with a sense of calm, and the sense that the space just… worked? That’s the power of feng shui! With a few easy steps, you can channel good fortune and good energy into your home. Here are a few recommendations for your living areas:

Natural Flow: You want to create a space that enables energy to flow freely throughout the room. To create this sense of ease and fluidity, imagine if a stream of water were to be running throughout the space. Would it encounter many obstacles, or would it be able to carve an easy path?

Let It Shine: You want to enable as much light as possible – especially natural light! Attempt to brighten dull or dark areas of the room with mirrors and clear, bright lighting. Try to avoid fluorescent or yellow tinged, unnatural lighting. Halogen bulbs are a great way to mimic natural light.

Plants: For a healthy chi it’s important to incorporate as many plants as you can into your living space. This is an integral principle when it comes to energy flow.

Close Off: In order to maintain energy balance, ensure that doors to other rooms are closed off.

Pristine Presence: Arguably the cardinal rule of having good feng shui is being clutter free. Have very clear organization and do your best to have a knick-knack free living space. This creates a better energy and also appears to be more inviting.

Furniture: Though you may not think about this when purchasing your furniture, its composition means a lot in terms of how it makes you feel. For example, chairs and couches with high backs and sides give a feeling of safety and protection. Additionally, placement is key. Never have a chair or couch with its back to the door. Always have your seating facing the door!

Red: Work the color red into your living spaces to help channel wealth and prosperity.

Last but not least, remember that a happy home is always where there is harmony between people. With these words in mind, we encourage you to adopt a few of these wellness-inducing measures into your home! Are you looking to channel your energy and find inner calm? Consider a QRay bracelet! Learn more about the benefits of QRay.

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