8 Surprisingly Delicious Cold Cures

Tis the season! Winter means that everyone and their dog seem to suffer from some form of cold or flu symptoms at some point or another. For some reason, overpowering cough drops and medicinal tasting teas just don’t satisfy the taste buds. Alas, we have a solution! Here are 8 surprisingly delicious cold cures!


1)    Classic Chicken Noodle Soup

Nothing warms the bones quite like it. Studies have suggested that chicken noodle soup actually canalleviate cold symptoms! Turns out your grandmother wasn’t making it up! Try out this one-pot chicken noodle soup recipe to suppress your sniffles!


2)    Apple Cider Vinegar Elixir

Now, we understand that this sounds like something you’d whip up in a potions class … and it kind of is. Apple cider vinegar has an almost cult-like following regarding its borderline miraculous healing powers. From heartburn, digestion, weight control, sinus infection and way more. Many people disregard it for an almost unbearable taste (naturally). This elixir is a sweetened and much more palatable version while retaining all of the benefits!


3)    Homemade Cough Remedy

Get your Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman on with this homemade, sinus clearing concoction. Ginger, cayenne and honey – oh my!


4)    Ginger and Lemon Cake

Yes, you read that correctly. Cake – a cake that cures colds. Additionally, it’s both raw and vegan, so regardless of your dietary restrictions you can enjoy this miracle dessert. To eat your way back to health, try this recipe out for yourself!


5)    The Intensi-toddy

Wait, hot toddies normally contain alcohol don’t they? Yes they do, and so does this one. Your run of the mill hot toddy’s cooler, tougher, older brother. Hot toddies usually contain brandy … this one has spiced rum! We urge you to check it out.


6)    Cote-D’Azur Cure-All Soup

It’s just like classic chicken noodle soup except it’s French, so it’s fancier and more refined, you know? (It also contains no chicken but six eggs!)Famed for also being a terrific hangover cure, it’s definitely worth a try!


7)    Influenza RX Sorbet

More cold curing desserts! Hallelujah! This cold remedy makes you wish your parents had known about this when desperately trying to spoon feed you grape medicine as a child. ‘Cold medicine’ in sorbet form is definitely something we can get behind.


8)    Flu Fighting Cookies

Brimming with fresh spices, nuts and fruit we urge you make a batch in the name of your health and wellbeing. If they call them ‘flu fighting’, they can’t be wrong!


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