How Yoga Can Help Anxiety

Sweaty palms, churning stomach, racing heart… does it all seem too familiar? Anxiety can have many negative effects on one’s day-to-day life, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Many people have found that practicing simple yoga poses can actually help to alleviate the anxiety they face regularly. Here are three aspects to incorporate into your life.

Pranayama (Breathing)

The simple act of mindful breathing can be extremely helpful in the reduction of anxiety. Deep breathing increases oxygen levels in the blood supply which in turn reduces toxins in the body.

Here are some tips to find and improve your yogic breath.



Though the practice of yoga initially described asanas as a sitting pose, it eventually came to refer to any posture restoring and maintaining the practitioner’s well-being. Asanas physically release the tensions that anxiety creates and helps to take your mind off of worries and fears. Additionally, asanas can help you to let go of things. Once you fall out of the position, you are forced to accept imperfection and reattempt.

If you apply yoga philosophy in your life; stay happy and enjoy every moment, this is a secret to happy and healthy living!

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