What is the difference between QRay, QRay Plus, Q2 Wellness and Special Edition bracelets? Is there a difference between the different QRay models?

The QRay Bracelets are the classic designs that have been sold for over 15 years. QRay Plus are QRay Bracelets that also includes 3000 Hi-Gauss Magnets. Q2 Wellness Bracelets are European designed bracelets made with flexible mesh material (the Pure Titanium Bracelet is the only exception). Special Edition Bracelets are specialty QRay Bracelets that are usually available for a limited time. The differences between the different QRay models are cosmetic. Some models are made with Titanium while others are made with sterling silver or stainless steel. All of the QRay, QRay Plus, Q2 Wellness and Special Edition bracelets are treated with the same proprietary process.